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Wealth Management & Investment
Advisory Services for Pre-Retiree Business Owners

Specializing In Helping Pre-Retirees Reach Their
Retirement Goals Through a
"Five or Ten Year Plan"
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Our Philosophy
 Fitzgerald Financial Partners looks beyond the traditional financial advisory services and believes in being innovative by using cutting edge technology and investment ideas to help meet our clients' long-term income needs, goals, and objectives.

We are a registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in five and ten year retirement planning designed to do one thing, help you replace 100% of your cash flow and retire within a targeted period.
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Our innovative and technologically advanced system offers in-depth solutions to our Pre-Retiree clients' personal needs and goals. Through the use of institutional investment best practices, and full asset class utilization, we can help you finally reach retirement. We will give you options your commission based stock broker or insurance agent does not even have access to.

From our personal experience and often seeing why most people fail in retirement planning, sales commissions too often drive financial advice in the wrong direction. It is very rare to find a source of financial advice that is truly impartial, truly objective, and puts your interests ahead of their own, as well as working to build a long-term relationships based on high quality services, integrity and trust.

Fitzgerald Financial Partners strives to be your "Fee-Only" Fiduciary Financial Advisor, and will be looking out for YOUR best interest, not a banks, profit driven brokerage institution or insurance company.
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Fitzgerald Financial offers a five and ten year retirement plan designed to replace your cash flow and provide a secure retirement.

Fitzgerald Financial provides "Cash Flow" replacement planning as a service for clients wishing to plan for a safe and successful retirement.

Wealth By Design's "Complete Real Estate Professionals" Investor's planning package is NOW available.

Fitzgerald Finacial Partners featured on Fox Business News. Now Offering Pre-Retiree's five and ten year " Cash Flow replacement planning package.

Fitzgerald Finacial Partners featured in Forbes Magazine's Houston, Texas Financial Section.
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Our company is based on the principle that education and understanding of our clients' current financial situation is vital to successfully making prudent long-term decisions concerning "How Well and When You Are Going To Be Able To Retire".

Our mission is to partner with our clients to help enable them to achieve their life long financial goals, by utilizing "Total Wealth Management" planning and strategic income replacement investing to help you build, manage and preserve your hard earned retirement cash flows through proper diversification.

We want to be your trusted advisor during this critical process. We do not measure our success in beating the market, we measure our success in seeing our client achieve their dreams and enjoy their retirement.

We specialize in developing " 100% Cash flow Replacement Portfolios"

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"Wealth By Design Retirement Plan" Here >

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Upcoming Events

Web Seminar
"Financing Your Way
To Retirement
"Do You Have The
Desire To Retire?"

Join Us For An Overview of Our Comprehensive "Wealth By Design Retirement Platform" Designed To Show Pre-Retiree's How To Retire In Five Years and Replace
100% of Their Cash Flow.

You Need To Act Now, Once This Program Is Full It Will Be Closed...
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Space Will Be Limited To
The First 25 Qualified Families

New Client
Special Introductory Offer
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Special Offer
We Will Provide A Complementary Tax Review Analysis
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We leverage the use of technology, combined with solid institutional research, planning and monitoring of your investments to help keep you on track to reaching your retirement goals. From your office or a laptop in an airport, we allow you to securely monitor your investments and important documents with convenience and ease, through our "Virtual Vault Servers".

We offer "Scan & Review" Services

Check out a sample screen shots of how you can scan, store, retrieve and protect your valuable document...

Just click the "View A Sample Page" link to see how our platform can help you reduce overall portfolio risk and increase your management review...

Or to learn more about our Technology...
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