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 What is A Personal Financial Specialists Professional or PFS Professional?

 How does the PFS credential differ from other financial planning credentials, such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP)®?

 The PFS, unlike other credential programs, is awarded only to CPAs who are members of the AICPA. Accordingly, this credential represents the highest professional standards of any financial planning credential and sets the PFS holder apart from other financial planners. Only a CPA can be a PFS (Personal Financial Specialist). PFS is the mark of excellence and the credential for the CPA financial planner, who has demonstrated their commitment to using best practices and standards in financial planning.

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It's Not really that hard to do... Is it?

 Investing and managing your wealth is often a confusing and time consuming task. Laws change and the investment strategies change daily as well.

 Fitzgerald Financial Partners are
professional advisors that utilize technology to help you achieve your goals in an efficient way.

 FFP's state of the art online financial reporting systems can meld your retirement goals, investment portfolios, taxes, banking, and your record management into a simple to use and understand system for your benefit and secure growth.

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FFP Credentials
Why Should I Choose a CPA/PFS?

 All financial planners are not created equal. You need a trusted adviser to help sort through complex financial decisions and develop sound strategies for a secure financial future. The PFS Credential was established for CPAs who specialize in personal financial planning and is awarded exclusively to AICPA members who have demonstrated considerable experience and expertise in that area. As of today, the AICPA has only granted approximately 3,300 CPA/PFS credentials.
Remember a firm is only a qualified as it's members.

Michael Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP is the principle member of Fitzgerald Financial Partners.

 Michael is responsible for ensuring the continued growth and development of the business and specializes in providing retirement planning, investment management, tax advisory and financial planning services to his clients.
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