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A Registered Investment Advisory Firm Specializing In Helping Clients Reach Their Retirement Goals Through
A Five or Ten Year Retirement Plan... 

These "Points of Differentiation" can provide you with complete and honest services and structured planning. Remember... all "Financial Planning Firms" ARE NOT EQUAL and the difference can be overwhelming to your future.

Independent: Fitzgerald Financial Advisors, is 100% member-owned and operated. Since we're not affiliated with any brokerages, banks or insurance companies, we are able to recommend whatever strategy we believe is right for your particular situation. This means we can offer advice about almost all investments and strategies available in the financial marketplace today, no matter who offers them. We are here to be your trusted financial advisor and we are here to earn your trust and friendship.

Fee-Only: Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC maintains its ability to render a fair and unbiased opinion by accepting only hourly, project based, retainer fees, or asset management fees for our client's work. We refuse to accept any form of commissions, referral fees. You will know exactly what services you are paying for. All projects will be quoted before any work is started. We will not sell you any products. Our recommendations are objective and reflect the trust implicit in a conflict free long-term relationship, which we would like to develop with you.

Strategic Retirement Planning: Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC is a "strategic planning real estate investment" firm which means we help you set meaningful and realistic goals. We design a workable plan, we recommend actionable steps, we manage the implementation, and we encourage you to achieve all of your dreams. Like all well laid out plans, there will be times that adjustments will be needed, we will be there to make the recommendations and to also implement these changes that need to be made to keep you on track to reach your long-term goals. Our mission is clear, We are here to help you reach your specific goals.

Technology-Focused: Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC is based out of Houston, Texas, but we are strategically designed to help clients where ever they decide to call home. By using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to advise clients located anywhere there is access to a telephone or internet connection.

Family Friendly: Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC knows that you worry about money (Am I going to have enough to retire on? Send my kids to college?). We are here to help you design a multigenerational family plan, to help everyone in your family achieve more than they ever thought possible. We want to help you raise financially literate children and grandchildren. We will consider how my advice will affect your family's finances as well as your family’s unique personalities.

College Planning Specialist: Education can be one of your greatest assets, so we believe that sending the next generation to school is the foundation for creating the next generation or wealth and future leaders. Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC understands the unique financial and emotional challenges faced by families today. We are here to help design, unique college funding strategies, which go beyond anything that you have ever seen.

Fiduciary Duty: When you engage Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, we voluntarily accept a higher standard of care known as "the fiduciary duty." It means we are required to advise you in your best interest and disclose all material conflicts of interest that we might have. This way, you will always know where you stand when you deal with our company. Your interests come first, before our interests. Ask you financial advisor if he is a fiduciary and is looking out for your best interest, you might be surprised.