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FFP Core Services
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  Fitzgerald Financial Partners,
is a "FEE-ONLY" Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Services Firm specializing in helping Pre-Retirees transition into a Five Year Retirement Plan. Our only source of compensation are the fees that are paid to us by our clients for the services we provide, NOT the products we recommend. Fee-only advisors do not sell products or receive commissions. "Fee-Only" advisors are different from "fee-based" advisors, by the fact that fee-based advisors sell products, then receive commissions as payment. Being "Fee-Only" eliminates the potential conflict of interest when brokerage houses, insurance companies, and banks offer a higher commission to their agents for selling one product over another. They will sell you the flavor of the week, if it pays them the highest commission or offers some sort of company bonus. Know the difference as it can determine the success or failure of your retirement plan. Compare the facts on our comparison chart by clicking the read more button below...

• Retirement Accumulation Planning

• Retirement Distribution Planning

• 1031 Exchanges

• College Financial Planning

• Divorce Consulting

• Income Tax Planning Minimization

• Estate Tax Planning

• Charitable Gift Planning

• Cash Flow Analysis

• Compensation and Benefits Planning

• Stock Option Analysis

• Asset Protection Strategies

• Business Continuity Planning

• Intergenerational Family Planning

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 As a "FEE-ONLY" Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Service Firm, we are paid to help you reach your Individual Retirement Goals.
 Because we do not receive any commissions for the services we offer, our clients may be assured they are receiving truly unbiased advice. We pride ourselves on being value-added to our clients, where their success is our number one mission.

Fees Paid by the Client
The different fee structures that are offered by Fitzgerald Financial Partners are designed to provide a fair market value of our services for our clients who all have different needs, be it income, wealth accumulation or wealth preservation. The purpose of the different fee structures, is to reflect the clients who simply want some financial advice on specific questions or topics, or the client who wants advice and/or implementation on a specific project, and a client who wants on-going planning advice on their retirement planning options. For example, three clients may have identical net worth but require completely unique planning options to reach their individual goals.

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