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Michael J. Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Financial Partners "This firm is not a CPA firm"
 Michael is dedicated to providing competent, unbiased business advice to people from all walks of life. Michael firmly believes that professional, unbiased business advice is something all American's need to build bright futures

Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP is President of Fitzgerald Financial Partners "This firm is not a CPA Firm", which provides comprehensive business advisory and exit management services to affluent clients and Pre-Retirees. Fitzgerald Financial Partners specializes in providing business management, tax advisory and business planning services to his clients.

Michael earned his Master's and Bachelor’s degrees from Texas A&M University and is experienced advising affluent clients and Pre-Retirees Business Owners ages 40 to 65, on their unique business issues. Michael is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) The firm that he started needs to state that "This firm is not a CPA firm", and Michael has been accredited as a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has obtained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) licensee.

Prior to moving back to Houston, Texas from Washington D.C. to form Fitzgerald Financial Partners a business owner focused consulting company, he gained extensive experience with a variety of different accounting and wealth management firms. Michael obtained unique experiences in various industries (Real Estate, Energy Trading, Oil & Gas, Retail and Manufacturing). Michael has also worked at the "Two of the Big Four" global accounting firms of Ernst & Young, LLP and KPMG, LLP, as well as a Washington, D.C. Registered Investment Advisory boutique advisory firm where he was Director of Wealth Management helping to manage a $175 million dollar+ portfolio.

In addition to years of experience as a financial fiduciary, Michael has a Master's of Science in Accounting - Tax Consulting Track from Texas A&M University as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Accounting from the Mays School of Business.

Michael is especially knowledgeable in the issues facing Pre-Retiree Business Owners. Michael's specialty in real estate investment planning and education planning is complemented by his knowledge of tax planning, crowd allocation and wealth accumulation planning.

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How FFP-LLC is Really Different...

Independently Owned: FFP is 100% member-owned and operated. We are free to recommend whatever strategy we believe is right for your particular situation and financial security.

Fee-Only: FFP maintains their ability to render a fair and unbiased opinion by not accepting commissions for our services and products.

Strategic Business Planning: FFP is a "strategic business planning" firm which means we help you set meaningful and realistic business goals.

Technology Driven & Focused: Our company is based out of Houston, Texas, but we are strategically designed to help clients wherever they decide to call home. FFP utilizes technologies that make managing your wealth and busines simple and affordable.

Family Friendly: FFP knows that you worry about money and your future. We are here to help you design a solid realistic business transition plan.

College Planning Specialists: FFP understands the unique financial challenges faced by families today. We are here to help design, unique college funding strategies that go beyond anything that you have ever seen.

Is your current Advisor a "Fiduciary"? Are they working for you or do they rely on commissions you generate for them? Ask them...

Learn what all this means in greater depth and find out how important this is to your family's financial security and well being by clicking the read more button below...

The Vision of Our Firm is Simple...
Help You Replace 100% of Your Income In Five Years, so you can step away from your business

We believe that the following are the key components to successfully achieving your life's goals and obtaining a financially secure retirement.

• Understand your life goals and aspirations and then develop a plan to achieve    them in a scheduled time frame
• Trust in our advice.
• Integrate and align all your actions with your professional goals and aspirations.
• Integrity in our dealing with our clients.
• Measure your success in terms of achieving your goals and not in rates of return.
• Help develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships in the community.
• Achieve your financial goals by investing in a diversified portfolio that has an   appropriate amount of risk as well as reducing fees and minimizing taxes.
• Help you to obtain at least a basic understanding of your business planning   needs and requirements.
• Use the services of competent professionals when you need them and demand   that they are focused on your personal success.

Your goals in life will change and FFP knows and understands that your business planning must change as well. Read about our process of getting started and keeping your wealth secure by clicking the read more button below...

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