What Is Fee-Only 

 Fitzgerald Financial Partners, is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Services Firm specializing in helping pre-retirees replace 100% of their income in a 5 year period. My only source of compensation is from the fees that are paid to me by my clients for helping them plan their futures. Fee-Only advisors do not sell products or receive commissions. "Fee-only" advisors are different from "fee-based" advisors, in the fact that fee-based advisors sell products, and receive commissions for selling investment products. Being "Fee-Only" eliminates this potential conflict of interest when brokerage houses, insurance companies, and banks offer a higher commission to their agents or brokers for selling one product over another. They will sell you the flavor of the week, if it pays the highest commission or offers some sort of company bonus. Ask your advisor if they are held to a fiduciary standard. Ask them if they have a conflict free relationship, where there obligated by law to look out for your best interests.

Fees Paid by the Client

The different fee structures that are offered by Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, are designed to provide a fair market value of our services for our clients who all have different needs, be it income or wealth accumulation or wealth preservation. The purpose of the different fee structures is to reflect the clients who simply want individual financial advice on specific questions or topics, or the clients who want advice and/or implementation on a specific project or goal, and a client who wants on-going planning advice on their portfolio. For example, three clients may have identical income and net worth, but require different planning and services.

As a Fee-Only Investment Advisory & Wealth Management Service Firm, I am paid a fee for the financial and investment advisory services that I provide. Because I do not receive any commissions for the services I offer, my clients can rest assured that they are receiving truly unbiased advice. I pride myself on being value-added to my clients, were their success is my number one mission.

The Different Pricing Options Are:

Financial Plan Only
The fee for a stand-alone financial plan with no further help, advice, or implementation by the advisor is an hourly or a project fee. These services will range in fees from ($350 an hour for a licensed professional, to $65 for non-licensed administrative assistant). Half of this fee is billed at the beginning of our relationship, while the other half if payable when the plan is presented. This fee can range depending on the complexity of your overall financial situation. The average comprehensive financial plan can take anywhere from 5 to 40 hours to complete.

Hourly or Project Fee

An hourly fee may be charged for consultation, planning, or investment advice. On some occasions, a flat fee will be charged for a specified project. The advice given is for that meeting or project only and no on-going help, advice, or implementation is required by the advisor after the meeting or project has ended unless agreed to in advance. Half of this fee is billed at the beginning of our relationship, while the other half if payable when the project is substantially completed. This fee can range depending on the complexity of your overall financial situation.

Annual Retainer

A first year retainer fee is based on a planning fee of, income, and a weighted percentage of net worth or set by specific program requirements. Half of this fee is billed at the beginning of our relationship with the other half being billed on a quarterly basis during the first year. At the end of the first year, the retainer fee is re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly, based on the amount of work and complexity of your situation. Each yearly adjustment is automatically adjusted for any increases in the Consumer Price Index.

Advisory Services
The management of assets is covered by a separate Investment Management Fee Schedule, which has a tiered billing structure, based on the amount of assets that will be managed by Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC. See ADV Part II for an explanation of our fee arrangement, or please contact Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, and I will send you a copy of our Management Fee Schedule for your review.

Tax Deductible Fees
The fees you pay Fitzgerald Financial Partners, LLC, may be a tax deductible item on your Schedule A, (line 22 miscellaneous expenses greater than 2%), Schedule C (if appropriate) or corporate expenses if offered as a benefit to executives and/or employees, Schedule E (if appropriate) if related to real estate management or to real estate professionals.

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